Black Note Eliquids • Naturally Extracted Tobacco Flavours • 30ml

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Black Note Eliquids • Naturally Extracted Tobacco Flavours • 30ml

Winner of "Best Tobacco Eliquid" many years running!

Now you can order with your preferred strength of freebase nicotine, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

From the makers of Black Note:

"Our journey to create the most authentic-tasting tobacco e-liquid on earth started when we realized none of the so called 'tobacco' e-liquids on the market actually tasted like tobacco.

Consequently, we were inspired to embark on a different approach, to do things the right way and to stay true to our guiding principle – that real tobacco vaping liquid should be crafted without compromise"

Black Note is obsessed with delivering real tobacco taste, and using the most responsible methods for doing so.

Our Guiding Principles:

Since day one, we have steered clear from kid-friendly designs, names, marketing materials and characterizing flavors that stir up childhood nostalgia and appeal to the underage crowd.

These same practices are currently being discussed and implemented by the FDA and other governing bodies. That’s why we think the FDA and state lawmakers have been spying on us and are seeking to align the vaping industry with the same high standards Black Note has upheld since its inception.

We naturally extract tobacco flavor in small batches to preserve the signature flavor notes of each tobacco blend.

Black Note’s products do not contain any laboratory-made, synthetic compounds associated with artificial flavors and sweeteners. These include the likes of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Ethylene Glycol, and Diethylene Glycol, all of which have been shown to be harmful to health.

We use only non-GMO tobacco seeds, hand-selecting the very best cultivar lines of Nicotiana Tabacum that are susceptible to natural cold extraction.

Black Note tobacco e-liquid line is designed to appeal to adult smokers, and no one else. Also, to satiate the cravings of legal age smokers and provide a real tobacco alternative to traditional cigarettes.

We have a full spectrum of tobacco e-liquid production that enables us to do everything from A to Z, from tobacco seed to tobacco vaping liquid. Our team includes a P.h.D. chemist, scientist, organoleptic, and tobacco leaf experts.

We at Black Note passionately embarked on a different approach at an early stage, We chose to do things the right way and to stay true to our guiding principle – that real tobacco vaping liquid should be crafted without compromise.

After years of research and development, we were able to craft an exceptional product that tastes like the real thing.

We really hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.


All bottles 30ml Glass bottle with child-resistant dropper.
VG/PG: 50%/50% friendly for Pod and MTL devices!

Cigär Blend (Concerto)

High-quality cigar tobacco delivers flavor notes that range from slightly sweet to mildly spicy, all harmonized with rich and subtle smoky undertones.
Flavour Profile: Pleasant & Aromatic

Virginia Tobacco (Prelude)

Virginia tobacco sets the stage for the light, bright and naturally sweet taste of Prelude. Grown in the sandy plains surrounding the Italian Alps, Virginia tobacco leaves are flue-cured to perfection.
Flavour Profile:
Savory and Bright

Burley Tobacco (Forte)

Burley tobacco provides a rich, smooth experience in this crowd favourite. Cultivated on the foothills of Italian volcano Vesuvius, the tobacco is sun-ripened, shade-cooled and bursting with full-bodied flavour.
Flavour Profile:
Rich and Smooth

Kentucky Tobacco (Legato)

Enjoy the earthy and nutty flavor of Italian Kentucky tobacco, fire-cured to release the plant’s natural resins. This American tobacco cultivar is grown in Tuscany and features an undeniably earthy flair.
Flavour Profile: 
Earthy and Nutty

Cavendish Blend (Sonata)

Dark ripe Virginia tobacco is treated to a centuries-old curing process, producing a robustly rich and intense blend. Virginia tobacco leaves are precisely primed, oak barrel-cured, and steamed to brilliant intensity.
Flavour Profile: 
Robust and Intense

Cigarette Blend

While most Black Note real tobacco blends are known for their smooth and refined flavor, our Cigarette Blend is certainly not. This American blend contains a mix of Virginia, burley and Turkish leaf tobacco that’s been fermented and aged in oak barrels.
Flavour Profile: Ashy & Amber

Menthol Blend (Solo)

Turkish small leaf tobacco is sun-cured then overlaid with a menthol extract derived from genuine peppermint leaves. The result is a fresh, crisp, mellow and ultra-smooth experience. Flavour Profile: Fresh and Crisp